The Valleys are characteristic areas of the Upper Adriatic lagoons, separated from the open lagoon by embankments that exclude them from the ebb and flow of the tide.
These shallow brackish saltwater basins have been particularly well-equipped environments for fish farming and at times hunting since ancient times.
They occupy a sixth of the entire surface area of the Venice lagoon, about 9000 hectares, divided into 28 state-owned valleys, for the most part managed by private individuals.
These systems consist of marsh ponds, artificial or natural canals, saltmarshes and functional structures to manage fresh or saltwater content;
“chiaviche”, culverts used for water connection and exchange;
“lavorieri” traps and “peschiere” fish farms for catching and rearing fish;
“casoni”, buildings for staff and management and administrative premises;
“botti”, traps set in shallow waters.
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