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A suspended land between sea and lagoon from the ancient origins. If Cavallino-Treporti is one of the youngest municipalities of Italy, he was born in 1999 after separating from its own strong identity Venice economic, social and territorial cohesion.
The Cavallino as we know it now did not exist. He was being formed by accumulating secular sand made from the river Piave which until 1664 flowed into the sea, precisely in Cavallino, where he now runs the Sile river as a result of some plumbing work ordered by the Republic of Venice. In this way it was made a new small strip of land that, thanks to the play of sea currents and the contribution of sandy material, developed westward away treportine the islands from the sea. A level living, the old church, completed in 1751, bears witness to the presence of an established civil and religious community. XIX century paintings remain several rural buildings throughout the area, a sure sign of social stability, economic and political. After the transition from the Podesteria of Torcello (under the Serenissima) to the City of Burano (Austrian domination) Cavallino-Treporti also assimilated the development of rural Veneto.