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Leave or Cancel? Free to choose!

Can't wait to leave for a trip, but you are forced to cancel your vacation?
We do not hope so, but do you believe us if we tell you that there is no problem?

With us you can cancel:

  • up to 7 days before the arrival date, with refund of the deposit paid (booking fees excepted)
  • from 6 days before to the day of arrival, with reimbursement through a voucher of the same amount (booking fees excepted).
    The voucher can be used with for a new booking:
    - in the current season until 25th September (closing day);
    - in the following season (2022).

    In the event of COVID-19 restrictions (lock down, red zones, quarantine) issued by the national or regional authority, the reservation can be cancelled at any time at no cost.